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Were You Injured in a Road Rage Accident?

a passenger vehicle that has been damaged in an accident

Nearly every driver has witnessed an incident of road rage. It’s often a scary behavior to see. Be it out of stress, frustration, or anger; road raging drivers lose control of their tempers. Everyone has lost their temper at one time or another, but these drivers then use their cars as a way to express their emotions. They display a wide-range of inconsiderate and dangerous behaviors such as speeding, tailgating, racing, honking, flashing their lights, and attempting to run other vehicles off the road. Road rage is deliberate negligence, and it is also illegal. If you were injured by a road raging driver, you deserve compensation for the harm you suffered. An experienced road rage accident attorney can fight to get it for them.

Factors Contribute that to Road Rage Behaviors

It’s natural to get angry from time to time while behind the wheel of your vehicle. After all, getting in your car doesn’t take away your human emotions and responses. However, most people can muster the necessary self-restraint to stop that anger from boiling over into road rage.

Innumerable factors can contribute to the behaviors of road raging drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that anger frequently feeds off emotional fuel resulting from:

  • Being in a hurry –Leaving late or failing to leave themselves enough time to account for possible traffic delays creates stress. For some drivers, this stress quickly escalates into road rage.

  • Traffic congestion – Sitting in a traffic jam can feel like a substantial waste of time, especially if you are in a hurry to get somewhere. With every passing minute, aggravation can rise. 

  • Self-centeredness/lack of empathy – Drivers who participate in road rage sometimes have difficulty empathizing with others. They don’t believe that laws apply to them or fail to recognize the impact of their own actions on others.

  • Cloak of anonymity – Some drivers feel separated and isolated from other motorists, especially since most are strangers to the driver. Inside their vehicle, they are in their own bubble. This anonymity of driving can cause some drivers to feel unaccountable to others for their actions.

No matter the contributing cause of another driver’s road rage actions, they are still liable for any damages that result. There is simply no excuse for this behavior. A skilled road rage accident lawyer can help victims seek the justice they deserve.

Contact Salam & Associates for a Free Consultation

If you suffered injuries in an accident caused by or involved a road raging driver, you have legal rights and options. A road rage accident attorney can review them with you and help you determine how to move forward in pursuing fair compensation. Keep in mind that even if the driver faces criminal charges for their behavior, you still have a right to file a civil claim. Although they are an essential piece in getting justice, criminal charges won’t result in money to compensate you for your losses. Contact us online at www.salampc.com or [email protected] to schedule a free nursing home abuse case review today.


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