Winter Weather Car Accidents

Winter driving carries inherent risk. Cold weather can lead to dangerous driving conditions resulting from snow and ice. However, with foresight, you can be prepared for the potential risks so you can drive safely this winter as you travel from Point A to Point B. 

In this post, we will outline risks to watch out for, how to avoid distractions, and what to do if you are in an accident.  

Watch Out For These 3 Risks

Black Ice

Black ice can be extremely dangerous because it blends into the surrounding roadway. A driver might not know they’ve hit black ice until the car is sliding. 

Black ice can usually be found on bridges and underneath overpasses. If you hit black ice, decelerate gently until you can regain control of the car. 

Snow on the Ground
Snow creates a slicker surface that a driver can easily lose traction on if they aren’t driving cautiously. To prevent an accident or collision, drive at a slower speed to account for the slick surface. 

Also, brake and accelerate more slowly to allow time for the wheels to pick up traction from the snow.

Less Visibility 
Winter conditions can make it difficult for drivers to see. You may struggle to see other drivers, who might also have trouble seeing you. As a result, take precaution to defrost and clean your windshield. Dust off snow from windows, lights, brakes, turn signals, and the entire automobile.

These 3 Tips Can Help Avoid Distractions

  • Drive slowly. In this way, you can fully scan your environment and slow down and speed up more smoothly, with better traction.

  • Increase the distance between vehicles. This helps to account for a longer brake time in the snow, and prevents multi-car accidents.

  • Avoid snow plows. Keep your distance or pass with caution.  

Follow These Precautions If You’re Involved In An Accident

Move yourself and your car off road to a safe space. 

Move your vehicle out of the way of traffic. Doing so helps to prevent any additional accidents or injury.

Report the accident to the police. 

Explain where you are, details of what happened, and if you need immediate medical attention. Get the name of the officer who files the report and the report number. Also avoid admitting blame if you are at fault. 

Remain visible. 

If your car is not badly damaged, you can remain in your car to stay warm. Turn on hazard lights so others can see you.  

If your car has been damaged severely, you should remain outside within a line of visibility until help arrives. If you have blankets or additional items that bring warmth, don’t hesitate to use those to stay warm as well.

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