Construction Accidents

The construction industry is often seen as one of the most dangerous areas of employment, and for good reason. Accidents and injuries occur frequently at construction sites throughout Texas and New Mexico, despite regular inspections and well-established job safety guidelines.

When a construction company fails in its duty to protect employees and nonemployee bystanders from harm, it should be held liable for negligence. Victims deserve the right to compensation. From our offices in Richardson and with additional availability (by appointment only) in Las Cruces, the attorneys at Salam & Associates, PC, make sure victims understand their right to pursue compensation for their injuries in construction accidents.

Investigating Employer Negligence

When a person is seriously injured or killed on a construction site, employers will generally launch an investigation to determine the cause of the accident.

But employers aren't always quick to admit they have done wrong — even if their investigation says differently. This is why our attorneys handle investigations of our own to uncover inadequate safety measures or workplace safety violations that may have contributed to an accident.

Examples of employer negligence include:

• Failing to provide proper safety equipment

• Inadequate or absent safety training

• Improper signage in dangerous areas

• Ignoring warning signs indicating dangers

• Failing to remedy known dangers

• Cutting corners to save money

• Failing to properly secure scaffolding and other work structures

• Failing to train employees on how to properly use heavy machinery

If a construction company was negligent, we will find out about it. We will hold it responsible in a personal injury lawsuit by asking for compensatory damages to cover hospital bills, prescription medications, ongoing medical care and lost wages as well as punitive damages, such as pain and suffering, to deter future negligence and accidents.

Seeking Compensation That Meets Your Needs

For 25 years, attorney Fatima Hassan-Sallam has aggressively fought to ensure that her clients receive compensation after workplace accidents. She considers:

• The full extent of a construction worker's injuries

• Whether injuries are temporary or permanent

• What impact injuries will have on a worker's day-to-day life

• How long injuries will force a worker off the job

• Whether long-term health care, reconstructive surgeries or visits to a psychologist are necessary

• If a worker is now disabled and unable to work

• If family members in other countries need visas to come to the United States to provide additional care and support

Fatima Hassan-Sallam's tenacity during negotiations is the reason she is able to settle most injury cases and why clients speak highly of her. She is not afraid of a fight, however, and will gladly take a case to trial if it means getting her clients the full and fair compensation they deserve.

When Can I File a Lawsuit Against My Employer?

It's important to know that seeking compensation through workers' compensation benefits and filing a personal injury lawsuit are two different processes that require equally skilled counsel to navigate.

To file a lawsuit against an employer, an injured worker must be able to show that the employer was negligent and put its employees in harm's way.

Proving an employer's negligence can be a challenge, but it is not impossible if you have the experience we have at Salam & Associates, PC.

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